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Student Uni Travel was first developed to complement our many strong, valuable relationships with language schools and universities. As the brand has continued to expand and grow, we have maintained our reputation as a reliable service for students and youth to book affordable travel, with consideration towards the time constraints of international students.

The website is promoted widely across university forums and student media channels, presenting over 300 visitors per week with convenient travel options to weave between their studies. The product range on Student Uni Travel serves up a combination of student flight deals, weekend escape packages plus Australia and international overland tours, utilising the many exclusive student rates and discounts at hand.

In late 2019, under the direction of Imperium’s CEO Andrew Cox and our dedicated national teams, Student Uni Travel underwent a redesign, from online to instore, ahead of our brand relaunch. This allowed for a comprehensive revitalisation of Student Uni Travel and an examination of the brand’s focus, direction and goals leading into the new year. As a brand already renowned and trusted internationally, our core objective was to rebuild a stronger, more appealing and consistent image across all offline and online channels as we look to present a broader range of products and services to our youth travel market.